About the Covid-2019 tracker

Please note:

  • This is not an official tracker.
  • Most of the raw figures are sourced from a Chinese page at ncov.dxy.cn, but that page is China-focused, and their headline figures at the top of the page are for China and associated territories only.
  • We fetch the data once per hour, and reprocess selected figures to produce a summary. The idea is to present the information in a way English speakers can easily understand. We also add in some custom charts.
  • There is also the excellent site by John Hopkins University. That site also sources data from the same Chinese page, amongst others.
  • Both of the above sites are updated at random times during their respective working days.
  • Historical data for some of the graphs was taken from the spreadhsheets published by John Hopkins.

You can contact the webmaster via email to .

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